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It all began with a dream.

3 Simple rules of Luxury

Those familiar with The Pakubuwono Development properties know that our strength is in three very simple yet crucial tenets:

  1. Integrity

  2. Love

  3. Cleanliness

Each project is diligently designed, built and maintained with care before, during and after construction. All of our designs are functional without compromising elegance. All of our results deliver a beauty that is raw, unedited and true. Most importantly, we place utmost importance in maintaining our residents' standard of living.

Amenities for living

We pride ourselves in building homes, not spaces. All of our properties include a complete set of amenities including:

Additionally to the amenities above, each development has its own unique set of facilities that defines what it is like to live there. Your Pakubuwono apartment of choice may include:

Putting Green

Sky Lounges

Basketball courts

Badminton courts

Squash Courts

Hair Salons

Hydroponic Plantation

Resident Cafe (by Aprez)

Camping Ground

Sky Onsen