The Pakubuwono House Summer Bazaar

The most anticipated Summer bazaar has come to The Pakubuwono House. The event was held on 12-13 July 2019, at the Function Room of The Pakubuwono House. This bazaar was not only for Japanese community, but it was open for public.

bazzar-24 (Copy).jpg

The Bazaar started at 9am - 4pm. Most of our guests are an enthusiastic early-bird, the Bazaar was so crowded even it just opened. So many tenants joined the bazaar from Indonesian handicraft, batik, single origin coffee, aroma therapy, etc. Dessert and handicraft tenants got an immense enthusiasm from the guests.


Please stay update for the upcoming bazaar at The Pakubuwono. You can also participating or have a closer look towards our apartement units and the facilities.


TBS Beauty Bae Event at Dwijaya House of Pakubuwono

The Body Shop and Female Daily present TBS Beauty Bae 2019. 10 lucky finalist & beauty influencers was invited to participated in Beauty Camp for 2 days (2 - 3 May 2019) at Dwijaya House of Pakubuwono. It was super fun and the participants looked very delighted when participating in this Beauty Camp.

Image from : @femaledailynetwork

Image from : @femaledailynetwork

This Beauty Camp has an interesting series of events and gathering. Starts from luncheon + greetings from the brand, talk show, coffee break, sharing experience from former winners, pajamas party, yoga, and of course make up class.

_DH x TBS-40.jpg
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_IMG_9599 (Copy).jpg
_IMG_9612 (Copy).jpg
_IMG_9644 (Copy).jpg
IMG_9616 (Copy).jpg

So happy to see these beautiful- beauty influencers for a couple of days! Thankyou for staying and we hope you enjoyed the beauty camp at Dwijaya House ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿปโœจ

Go Go Bazaar at The Pakubuwono Spring

The Pakubuwono Spring collaborated with KOKO presented Go Go Bazaar. The event was held on 1-2 March 2019, at the Function Room of The Pakubuwono Spring. This bazaar was open for public, especially for every Japanese community who domiciled in Jakarta. Approximately 500 guests attended the bazaar and it was a huge success.

The Bazaar started from 9am โ€“ 4pm and was a full house most of the time. Enlivened by so many tenants whose sells batik, Indonesian handicrafts, single origin coffee, aroma therapy, etc. Wine tasting was also got an immense enthusiasm from the guests.


On this rare opportunity, the guest can also have a deeper look to the facilities and units at The Pakubuwono Spring. The lucky guest escorted by our representative to our facilities such as; the first Sky Onsen in Jakarta, Sky Garden, Children Playground, Pools, etc. Show unit with the greatest view was also available for the deep insight.

Sky Onsen_1280x900.jpg

Thank you for attending the bazaar and see you soon on other opportunities!

The Pakubuwono Spring x La Prairie : 'A Discover of Timeless Beauty'

Febuaryโ€™s event at The Pakubuwono Spring : โ€˜A Discovery of Timeless Beautyโ€™ hosted by La Prairie, the super-high-end cosmetic line. It was a brief presentation and introduction to show the heritage products of La Prairie to our invited guests.


The setting was the modern unit of The Pakubuwono Spring with an aesthetic and luxurious setting. On every point of the unit, pedestals displayed the putative stars of the event : La Prairie products. And on one side of the room, refreshment was served.


โ€œA Tale of Luxury. Introducing the heritage of La Prairie brand and its four precious ingredients: platinum, skin caviar, white caviar, and gold.โ€ said Alisha, brand ambassador of La Prairie, who wore all-black-feminine-suit. She also thanked The Pakubuwono Spring for supporting the event and the special invited guest for attending this special event.


All the guests were happy and the event was a success. Also, an exceptional gift was given from La Prairie to the guests at the end of the event.

Graduation of 4th Class - The Pakubuwono Institute

The Pakubuwono Institute is a training program conducted by professional craftsmen experienced in their respective fields. Our goal is to have our graduates integrate seamlessly into their respective professional specializations. Our program consists of five specializations: Air Conditioning, Electrical, Electronics, Plumbing and Civil Engineering. The training conducted in The Pakubuwono Institute is strictly nonprofit. The training is open to the public, especially for individuals without extensive education that seek to improve their earnings.

Trainees will undergo training in accordance with their chosen specializations over the course of three months. After this training period, instructors will shift towards practical demonstrations and practices. Finally, trainees are given practical work experience through internship.

(Mrs. Anisa Himawan, CEO of The Pakubuwono Development, giving her speech to empowered the graduates of class IV)

(Mrs. Anisa Himawan, CEO of The Pakubuwono Development, giving her speech to empowered the graduates of class IV)

On the 28th of June 2018, The Pakubuwono Institute has celebrated the graduation of our 4th class. All students have successfully completed their training. The certificates of our students with the top ten highest grades were handed to the graduates by Mrs. Anisa Himawan, CEO of The Pakubuwono Development as well as the founder of The Pakubuwono Institute. The other graduates were personally handed their certificates by Mr. Erwinaryo Utoyo, the head of the institute as well as an instructor for all five specializations.

(Mrs. Anisa Himawan handed the certificate to one of the Top Ten graduate with the highest grades)

(Mrs. Anisa Himawan handed the certificate to one of the Top Ten graduate with the highest grades)

(Mr. Erwinaryo Utoyo handed the certificate to the graduate)

(Mr. Erwinaryo Utoyo handed the certificate to the graduate)

The certificates granted to the graduates bear our seal as well as the signature of the head of the institute, certifying that the holder has completed their training at The Pakubuwono Institute. With this certificate, the graduates will now be able to delve into their chosen field and apply their training. Congratulations to the graduates of Class IV, we wish you success in your career.

(Graduation of class IV โ€“ The Pakubuwono Institute )

(Graduation of class IV โ€“ The Pakubuwono Institute )

5S Process - A Resolution for All in 2018

It has been a month into 2018. Have you kept your resolutions so far?

A New Year, much like property, sells the dream of creating that fresh start - a new life, a new you. While studies show that only 44% of new-year-resolutions are even kept within the first six months, a recent article by Psychology Today points that making New Years Resolutions is related to a happier life. In fact, people who make New Years Resolutions are "10 times more likely to make a positive change in their lives."

So is it a good idea to make a New Years Resolution? We believe the answer to that is yes. We also believe that there are strategies Resolution makers can adopt into their lives to realize the dream of having a "New Year, New You." Even if you start today, because it is never too late!

Our strategies may not be innovative, but they are a true underrated classic.

Have you heard of the 5S Process? To those who have spent some time in Japan, or worked with Japanese manufacturers this may sound familiar. The 5S Process gives structure everyday living: from seeing through a full-scale renovation to the workplace.

What is in the 5S Process?

1. Seiri - ๆ•ด็†๏ผˆใ›ใ„ใ‚Š๏ผ‰

A tidy bed is a pleasing bed. (Photo:  Dwijaya House of Pakubuwono )

A tidy bed is a pleasing bed. (Photo: Dwijaya House of Pakubuwono)

Seiri is the first step - start your resolution with Tidiness. Be it tidiness of the mind, or the home if your resolution is to simply start anew, or the workplace if your resolution is to a more productive year, starting with Seiri is not about being clean or organized (which are different sections of the 5S Process), to start with Seiri means to throw away things of the past. Seiri is about learning to let go: especially of things that hinder you from your goal or muddle your path towards that goal. It could be throwing away rubbish that in retrospect you don't need, letting go of people who are toxic to you, or things that are unrelated to your goal.

Seiri could simply mean to begin your resolution by simplifying it. Start with small and simpler mini-goals. Complete them one at a time. For example, if your goal is to renovate your dream home, begin with a more matter-of-fact list of needs  - or at least a list of wants filtered and tidied up into a list of needs.

2. Seiton - ๆ•ด้ “๏ผˆใ›ใ„ใจใ‚“๏ผ‰

The next step to the 5S Process is Seiton - being Organized. However, being organized the Seiton way is not done by alphabetizing your bookshelf - it is about maximizing efficiency, placing the metaphorical books in the most metaphorically most logical way so it can be taken from and returned to the same place.

Why is it so important to arrange items in such a way? Seiton helps you save time and, most importantly, organize your mind so you don't lose your way.

So how do you practice Seiton in the mind? The simple answer is through practice with your own things. Start by organizing your clothes, kitchen utensils, or even your books. Keep the habit and over time it will transfer seamlessly to the way you approach your goal. 

3. Seisou - ๆธ…ๆŽƒ๏ผˆใ›ใ„ใใ†๏ผ‰

Shining to make sure residents get the natural sunlight they need and love. (Photo:  Dwijaya House of Pakubuwono )

Shining to make sure residents get the natural sunlight they need and love. (Photo: Dwijaya House of Pakubuwono)

Seisou means "Shine" and "To Sweep" - in manufacturing the point of Seisou is to prevent machinery from deterioration - or at least to delay it. Seisou/Cleaning also keeps things look pleasing. Much like machinery, motivation deteriorates when surroundings are not clean. The beauty with starting anew is the idea of having a clean slate. 

It is easy to lose your initial passion - especially as time and the challenges it poses can feel overwhelming. A clean physical space can help make you at least feel like you can restart anew - and maybe return to what initially inspired you. 

4. Seiketsu - ๆธ…ๆฝ”๏ผˆใ›ใ„ใ‘ใค๏ผ‰

Seiketsu is about creating a standard for the three S's above. Standardizing could mean a lot of things - in the workplace it is about creating standards for the whole team to follow, when it comes to reaching your goal, standardizing is another way to keep track. It could be setting up an everyday routine with a step towards your goal in the schedule. If you are renovating your home it could be making sure that the project is as tidy, organized and clean as your life has been in your pursuit of this goal.

Tidiness, organization, and cleanliness comes with hardworking employees who understand the importance of maintaining standards (Photos: Dwijaya House of Pakubuwono


5. Shitsuke - ่บพ๏ผˆใ—ใคใ‘๏ผ‰

Finally, Shitsuke is about discipline - arguably the hardest part of the 5S Process. Shitsuke is about being consistent and persistent when it comes to your goal. However, perhaps it would be inaccurate to say that Shitsuke is about forcing yourself to keep up with your goal. Shitsuke is about building good habits, even after you have achieved your goal.

Adopting the 5S Process may not be easy, but it will be worth it.

In a lot of ways starting the new year with 5S could be a resolution in itself. There are always challenges in any goal, big or small. What the 5S Process ultimately does is simplify your way - and that is the biggest challenge to adopting the 5S Process: many don't see its immediate benefits. This is because ultimately, the 5S Process is really about the process, not the results.

However, as many have learned through time and experience, turning a new leaf does not simply happen overnight. Follow through happens one step at a time. All you need is to get through each step, only then can you experience true positive change in your life.

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