"Once Upon Your Lifetime..."

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The Pakubuwono Residence 

2BR - Ironwood & Cottonwood Tower (Semi Gross : 177m²)

2BR - Eaglewood, Basswood & Sandalwood Tower (Semi Gross : 203m²)

3BR - Ironwood & Cottonwood Tower (Semi Gross : 245m²)

3BR - Eaglewood, Basswood & Sandalwood Tower (Semi Gross : 303m²)

Inspired by the 1950’s Art Deco history and tradition of the Kebayoran Baru district, The Pakubuwono Residence is expressed in 5 distinguished 24-storeyed towers placed on 4.2 hectares of land. Only about 7400 square meters of the land is occupied by structure, leaving the remaining 80% developed into lush landscape areas reflecting the modern luxurious lifestyle.

Residents can enjoy the serenity and security of living surrounded by spacious greenery designed for relaxation, exercise and socializing while being located in the middle of the city.

The interior design of the residences can be described as modern classical, reflecting the property's five–star level of service and amenities.